Stucco/EIFS Repair

Stucco/ EIFS Repair

Stucco, whether it be conventional or synthetic EIFS is a beautiful product. However, it is also a product that needs to be cared for, maintainted, and sometimes even repaired.

Upon assessing the damage to your stucco home or building, Monolite will give you a detailed, line-itemed estimate that fully explains your issues, as well as how to bring your home/building up to code. Below is a diagram of how a typical stucoo repair process works.

Monolite Stucco Systems can bring your damaged stucco walls back to nearly new condition by repairing the holes, applying a stucco coating, and matching the stucco design. The finish process involves color matching the existing stucco color so there is a seamless patch. Only you and Diversified will know that the surface was ever damaged.

Stucco/ EIFS Repair

Repair to stucco surfaces can involve many steps to ensure that your home is properly protected from future moisture and is in compliance with State of Texas code.

Monolite Stucco Systems has many years of experience in removing damaged ground level stucco and creating a sealed substrate that prevents water from reaching lower level stuccoed areas.

We ensure that a proper gap is maintained between the stucco and the finished grade (ground level) following the recommended guidelines of EIMA.

A Moisture Free Warranty can be issued at the completion of the project, giving our customers the peace of mind in knowing that their home has been well protected from future water damage.

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